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Personal Quarterback Coach


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Jim Barker

Jim Barker is a personal QB coach who is unique in his background. His experience as a coach in two sports separates him from other mentors currently training young and professional QB’s. As a football coach, he has learned offensive schemes and philosophies alongside former NFL Super Bowl Champion Mike Holmgren, and studied throwing technique while coaching college baseball from Tom House, a former major league pitcher and coach who is currently the personal throwing coach of Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

This unusual combination allows Coach Barker to ensure his QB’s are biomechanically sound. Jim is well versed in the latest schemes and philosophies of offensive and defensive football being utilized in football programs today, and works to improve a QB's football IQ.

After spending nearly 20 years coaching college football and baseball at every level of the NCAA, Coach Barker ventured into professional football where he was named the CFL Coach of the Year in 2010 and has won four Grey Cup Championships as an Assistant Coach, Head Coach and General Manager. He also coached Tommy Maddox in the XFL, where Maddox won the MVP and the team won the XFL Championship. That season re-ignited Maddox and successfully catapulted him into the second half of his NFL career with the Steelers.

Coach Barker is select and discreet with whom he chooses to work. The training is intense mentally and physically. Each client’s program will be individualized to produce the greatest results. The plan is ongoing and he will track the athlete both in-season and out.