Top 4 Advantages to Online Learning for Sports and Music

Online learning and training platforms, such as Scoolu are opening doors for unlimited learning opportunities.

Each year online learning is becoming more popular in many different areas, including sports and music. Students from around the world are reaching out to platforms, like Scoolu to get the expert coaching they need to succeed.

And after reading these top four advantages you’ll understand why.

1. You Choose your Own Schedule

Online instruction provides you, as well as your instructor with unlimited convenience, enabling you to pick and choose your own lesson schedule.

Unlike in-person camps or courses, which are only available during specific dates and set time frames, online instruction gives you the opportunity to communicate with your instructor and choose dates and times that align best with your schedule.

You no longer need to choose between a job, school or pursuing your passion. Thanks to online learning, you can make the time and adjust your schedule to fit it all.

2. You're Given Accessibility to Expert Coaches

If you want to master your profession, you have to work with the best. And sometimes when you want to work with the best, location can be a limitation.

In the past, many aspiring athletes and musicians have had no other option but to travel or move away from home in order to work closely with the best.

Now, online learning eliminates travel costs and provides the opportunity to receive expert coaching regardless of your location.

3. You Learn at Your Own Pace

Many students learn at a different pace. You may be a slow learner who needs more time to pick up on basics, or a fast learner who can quickly move through new techniques.

The great thing about online instruction is that no matter what kind of learner you are, lessons will move at your desired pace.

Since majority of online learning in sports and music is individualized with one-on-one instruction, there is no pressure to keep up with a group. You have control over whether you move on to new things or spend an entire lesson perfecting one skill.

4. You Pay Less

And here is the best advantage of all: online learning can save you money.

With traditional in-person instruction a variety of fees can be involved. There is the space rental, a possible commute, food and the instructor fees.

Online instruction not only cuts out space rental and commuting fees, but also typically offers a lower hourly rate. Due to the convenience of working from their own home or institution, instructors charge a bit less for internet lessons than in-person lessons, courses or camps.

If you want to be coached by the very best from the comfort of your own home check out our roster of sport and music legends. 

Brittany Da Silveira