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3x Stanley Cup Champion


Are you interested in working with Colin? You can either purchase a product below or book a consultation to discuss developing a custom package or development plan.


Are you interested in working with Colin, but aren’t sure of what options are available? Our team would be happy to help develop a custom package with Colin to help you elevate your game and reach your development goals.

1-hour Online Session with Colin Fraser

In this one-on-one online session, Stanley Cup Champion Colin Fraser will help you elevate your skills.

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Have your video reviewed by Colin Fraser

Send Colin Fraser up to 3 minutes of game/practice footage and receive an in-depth evaluation. Colin will critique your performance using a video marker and recommend certain areas of your game that you should work on. He will also suggest personalized drills to help improve any weaknesses in your game.

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Ask Colin Fraser a Question

Ask Colin Fraser up to three questions and receive a personalized video response from Colin.

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Colin Fraser

Colin Fraser is a former NHL forward and three-time Stanley cup champion.

He has played for several NHL teams throughout his career including the Chicago Blackhawks, Edmonton Oilers, LA Kings and St. Louis Blues, having won the Stanley Cup with the Blackhawks and Kings.

Today Colin works as a scout for the Chicago Blackhawks and works with players on their skill development and conditioning.