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Sports Scientist & Performance Coach


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Ian Mack

Ian Mack is a renowned sports scientist, movement and biomechanics expert who has worked with the world’s greatest athletes, from Olympic teams to top players in all four major U.S. sports leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL), including his recent work helping NHL legend Patrick Kane reach peak performance at age 30.  

Ian brings applied science methods to the fitness industry to provide an innovative and comprehensive experience that includes everything from movement assessment to exercise programming to nutrition and genetics testing. In 2019, Mack launched Tomahawk Science, a sports science team focused on perfecting the performance of elite athletes. Mack was born and raised in Onondaga County in Syracuse, NY — where rates of poverty and preventable diseases like obesity and diabetes are extremely high. This environment inspired him to pursue a career in sports science and to continuously challenge himself to seek better answers on how to improve human performance.