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Lead Guitarist for Saturday Night Live


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1-hour Online Session with Jared Scharff

In this one-on-one online session, SNL lead guitarist Jared Scharff will help you elevate your skills.

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Jared Scharff

The king of shredding, Jared Scharff is the lead guitarist of the Saturday Night Live (SNL) band, providing the soundtracks to the edgiest show on network TV.

Along with playing for SNL, Jared has his hands in a variety of projects and outlets. He is a house guitar player for the New York Rangers and created a hit Youtube series called Unnecessary Shredding. Most impressively, Jared is the man behind Pearl Lion, an instrumental project that brings guitar into the twenty-first century with modern pop.

Jared has played on the SNL stage with major artists including Ariana Grande, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Chance the Rapper, Tina Fey, Blake Shelton, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, One Direction and many many more.