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Keyboardist for Jorge Blanco


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Pierre Jamerson

Born and raised in Springfield, MO Pierre found himself involved in music at an early age of 8 by learning drums. At the age of 12, his mind gravitated towards piano which catapulted his musical journey to a much deeper level.

Though the resources few, Pierre managed to find various piano lessons and training in classical, jazz, gospel and music theory. Although he graduated with a BA in Psychology, he consistently studied piano, music theory and ear training at a university level.

Through the years, he taught piano to students of all ages and backgrounds laying a foundation of fundamentals that will be useful for their musical future.

Pierre was the Musical Director for MSU Gospel Choir in 2007-2008 and for New Hope International Ministries from 2006-2017. He started a music school and studio in 2015 teaching piano, producing, writing, recording and mixing records for clients.

He moved to LA in 2017 to work for Jungle Room studio which landed him an opportunity to play keyboards for Disney/Hollywood artist, Jorge Blanco, who he currently plays for, as well as Rozzi and Free Chapel OC.