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NHL Shooting & Stick Handling Coach


Are you interested in working with Tim? You can either purchase a product below or book a consultation to discuss developing a custom package or development plan.


Are you interested in working with Tim, but aren’t sure of what options are available? Our team would be happy to help develop a custom package with Tim to help you elevate your game and reach your development goals.

1-hour Online Session with Tim Turk

In this one-on-one online session, shooting specialist Tim Turk will help you elevate your skills.

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Tim Turk

Tim is an NHL shooting coach for many top players and organizations.  He’s worked with the Montreal Canadiens, Tamp Bay Lightning and Carolina Hurricanes.

He continues to work with NHL players such as Brendan Gallagher and Lance Bouma. Tim specializes in shooting, passing and puck control.

Tim also works on technical aspect of puck protection, puck battling, body positioning and contact.